Customized Support

Strategic Consulting, Training
Operational support to implement action plans


How to position and launch a new solution, product or service ?
Which competitive, regulatory and business environment ?


How to implement growth levers ?
Which national and international growth strategies ? 


How to pilot a strategic action plan while optimizing resources and organization ?
How to take advantage of business opportunities ?

           Our mission is to support company managers and executives as well as project teams 

By proposing solutions
for immediate or long-term problematics 
By providing
decision-making tools 
and training teams
By enabling quick implementation of
proposed solutions
By insuring the
follow-up and
measuring results 
Projets R&D
R&D Projects
Follow and support project progression,
from the initial idea up through to marketing

Scientific support (prior art, patentability studies, patent writing preclinical and clinical development plans, portfolio analysis)
Technical and operational support (definition of specifications search and  contractualisation with service providers)
Preclinical and Clinical Proof of concept studies 
Roadmap definition, Project management
Innovation funding, search for partners

Positionnement et accès au marché
Positioning & Market access
Promote a competitive advantage,
a solution or a technology

Business Intelligence (market research, surveys, business models, market segmentation)
Market access (positioning, marketing strategy, mix marketing) 
Proof of concept studies, Use cases studies 
Medical Affairs (medical needs analysis, KOLs management)

Développement commercial
Business Development 
Build and implement Business Development Plan

France - Business Plan building
Pre-sales and marketing support, Sales pitch 
Prospecting campaigns (phoning / mailing)
Preparation of marketing and communication tools 

International - Setting-up, implementation and follow-up of International Business Plan, priorisation and market segmentation strategies for market entry (regulatory, financial, legal, local contacts and KOLs…), objectives and potential ROI

Qualité et Performance
Quality & Performance
Optimize resources and efficiency of organizations 

Operating partner / intern management 

Quality audit 
Organisational audit
Risk management 
Management of change 

Support for recruitement

Formations sur-mesure
Training sessions 

Some examples :

  • Understand strategic environment
  • Build tools for business development
  • The surveys
  • Innovation funding
  • Collaborative projects and Open Innovation
  • Clinical trials regulatory, roles and et responsabilities
  • How to develop collaborative innovation thanks to design thinking
  • Digital Marketing in Health
  • How omnichannel communication can shape customer experience
  • The big tendencies of eHealth
  • Improve digital communication impact

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